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Shutter DAO

A DAO has always been at the core of the vision of Shutter's value proposition. It is an integral part of how the system is designed to function, especially concerning the Keyper Set Selection Process and the Set Management.

We invite the Shutter Network community to actively participate in shaping a DAO, ensuring that it represents the collective aspirations and needs. This approach fosters a strong sense of ownership and commitment among community members, which is vital for any DAO's success.

Introducing the Shutter Network Genesis Allocations

Phase 1 of a Shutter DAO focuses on laying a solid groundwork and establishing effective governance. During this initial phase, a comprehensive governance framework is created, ensuring a fair distribution of the initial token allocation and introducing non-transferable tokens.

The Genesis Allocations are smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. An allocation contains a list of addresses as they have been deployed in the and the amount of claimable Shutter Tokens (e.g., SHU) per address in the form of a Merkle root.

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Shutter protoDAO

The Shutter protoDAO embarked on its initial phase, outlining access and objectives. It adopts a one-person/address, one-vote system, promoting a straightforward democratic process. The membership list is fixed and hand-picked for now. Snapshot is the voting platform, offering dynamic proposal organization and shielded voting.

The Shutter protoDAO is a pragmatic, step-by-step approach towards decentralization, prioritizing community involvement and learning from each phase while maintaining operational reliability and security. Initial members of the protoDAO include early contributors and key members of partner organizations.

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SPT Token

SPT holders are early supporters with faith and contributions to the project. SPT is a non-liquid, privately sold currency token intended for users and integrators to pay Keypers.

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