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Shutter is free, open-source software designed to protect the crypto community from those manipulating the blockchain for their own gain. It uses threshold encryption to ensure base layer neutrality, information symmetry, and accessibility in trading, voting, and gaming.

Base Layer Neutrality

Information Symmetry


Shutter is a system that focuses on base layer neutrality, information symmetry, and accessibility by using threshold encryption with a Distributed Key Generation (DKG) mechanism.

In a Shutterized system, users encrypt their transactions or votes until their inclusion and order are fixed. Only then does a threshold amount of Shutter Keypers collaboratively provide a decryption key that can be used to decrypt and execute the transactions.

The $900 Million Problem

Shutter's approach is crucial in today's Web3 landscape, where hundreds of millions of dollars are stolen yearly on Ethereum through malicious Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) attacks. These attacks, including sandwich attacks, involve manipulating transactions for financial gain, ultimately harming traders and end-users.

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Shutter’s Solution

Public blockchains are founded on the principles of base layer neutrality, information symmetry, and accessibility. These principles are essential for the Ethereum community and users. However, many people in and outside the crypto space feel left out and at risk of DeFi scams, which is a troubling reality.

Shutter aims to establish a fair marketplace that promotes an efficient, inclusive, and reliable environment.

By using transaction encryption, Shutter supports fairness and prevents exploitative practices. This is essential for protecting the integrity and ensuring equal access to blockchains, which are at risk from centralization and censorship. Taking action against these challenges will help ensure blockchain technology remains a positive force in the world.

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Solutions based on Shutter

Shutter utilizes a distributed key generation (DKG) protocol based on threshold cryptography to safeguard chains from threats.

Shielded Trading

The malicious form of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) refers to practices such as front running and sandwich attacks, which enable bad actors to profit at the expense of crypto traders by placing transactions before and/or after a trader's transaction. Censorship can also interfere with crypto traders' transactions. Shielded Trading aims to tackle malicious MEV and censorship by encrypting traders' transactions as they are being sequenced for inclusion in a block.

Shielded Voting

Shielded Voting prevents voting manipulation that can reduce participation and/or sway the outcome of community voting. Shutter encrypts all votes when cast and then reveals all votes after the end of the voting period. Shielded Voting is live on Snapshot and soon other voting platforms.

Shielded Gaming

Shutter allows for new on-chain gaming possibilities and ensures fair play by preventing players from gaining information about other players' moves before it is permitted by the game rules and benefiting from that knowledge.

Shutter DAO

A DAO has always been central to Shutter's value proposition. It is an integral part of the system's design, especially concerning the Keyper set selection process and set management.

We invite the Shutter Network community to actively participate in shaping a DAO, ensuring that it represents the collective aspirations and needs. This approach fosters a strong sense of ownership and commitment among community members, which is vital for the success of any DAO.

Shutter DAO 0x36

Shutter DAO 0x36 is a specific community initiative aimed at implementing Shutter. It was formed by community members who aligned with the vision proposed by brainbot. The DAO has distributed a token to encourage community participation while maintaining its autonomy.

Shutter DAO 0x36 uses Snapshot and Decent voting for its decision-making processes, ensuring a decentralized and democratic approach.

Introducing the Shutter Network Genesis Allocations

Phase 1 of a Shutter DAO focuses on establishing effective governance and laying a solid groundwork. A comprehensive governance framework is created, ensuring fair distribution of the initial token allocation and introducing non-transferable tokens.

Genesis Allocations are smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Each allocation contains a list of addresses and the amount of claimable Shutter Tokens (e.g., SHU) per address in the form of a Merkle root.

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Rollup as a Service

Rollups can now integrate Shutter's Shielded Trading, an encrypted mempool using threshold encryption to protect against malicious MEV and real-time censorship resistance.


Accessibility, base layer neutrality, and censorship resistance are the core components of public blockchains' value propositions, such as Gnosis Chain and Ethereum. We believe an encrypted mempool is essential for safeguarding these fundamental properties and represents a significant milestone in achieving this goal.

Gnosis Chain is a community-owned network operated by a diverse set of 200k+ validators around the world.

Gnosis Chain


Shielded Voting offers governance platforms a way to implement partially private voting for users using threshold encryption. It aims to address issues such as misbehavior, voter apathy, and flaws in voting incentive systems.

Snapshot is a voting platform that allows DAOs, DeFi protocols, or NFT communities to vote easily and without gas fees.



Tooling for the Ethereum & Starknet ecosystems


Ecosystem Partners

The HOPR protocol provides full control over privacy, data and metadata.

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